This site represents the culmination of reading, research, and time as a manager over the years, and the realisation that as I start to progression plan for new managers within my current role, there isn't an easy way to distill, share, and hold a conversation around what management is, and where individuals interested in it could focus. I'm a manager of about 10 years now, and although I have focussed in my own growth for those 10 years and more in management, there is so much I don't know - I find in writing on a subject, I am led into a greater understanding.

I found as I wrote and as I hone this, that I wished something like this had existed back when I started on the management pathway. To hold a more effective conversation with my then managers, to really understand more about what management was, but also what my own personal gaps and growth areas are.

I am open sourcing this under Apache 2.0, and the aim is to start a discussion here. Please consider putting in pull requests for any changes you'd like to see, raise issues, and use this management guide as per the license. I really want to grow the effectiveness of this tool, and the best way to do so is in community involvement and to have people actively start to use it.