Upon completing the scoring, you will have a visualisation that looks something like this, with 3 separate colours if you’ve gotten full context around self, org, and manager. There are many online tools available to help us create radar charts to facilitate this discussion.

Full View

Here you will see an overlap of all 3:

  • Self (red)
  • Manager view (green)
  • Organisational requirements (yellow)

This view of the radar chart can be quite busy, and difficult to truly parse, but it’s a useful starting point for discussion.

Self vs. Manager View

This can be a very useful view to build up an early discussion. It becomes clear on this where there are perhaps some gaps that should open up discussion - e.g. I rate myself more highly than my manager at “Goal Setting”, “Strategy and Culture Creation” and “Emotional Intelligence”, which is a great opportunity for conversation. Equally, my manager rates me more highlight on handling a number of aspects with my team (bottom right quadrant).

Self vs. Organisational View

This is a great set of extra data to understand where my growth within my role within my organisation could be discussed. Not all organisations are shaped the same - where “Strategy and Vision Creation” may be important in one org, it may not in another.

When we look at our own growth, it’s always useful to look at it with the lens of 'what the organisation may require of us, as it may give us some ready pointers. In this case, “Empathy and Compassion”, “Performance and Discipline” and “Feedback” are areas that the organisation values highly that I could potentially look into.

Scoring - an example

Below is an example of a scoring for a new manager, and this naturally feeds in to provide the graphs above. The tool will handle all of this, but don't let the delay of that put you off - you can easily do this in a spreadsheet and created a radar chart based upon it.

The important part... The conversation

All of this data is useful for us to reflect upon where we are, though the key benefit is in facilitating a conversation around growth. Our managers and our teams are superb inputs into that conversation, and as we navigate our own self awareness in this space, are key data points.