Your impact as you engage in management is possible to be far more wider reaching than it was as an individual contributor. Management is less about the operational and more about the tactical and strategic, more about creating the culture than adhering to it.

  • Strategy and Vision Creation - your role as a manager will embrace the more strategic elements of the team. Direction, vision and mission are all key to helping a team focus in on what is important. The team will decide the ‘how’, your role is to deliver the ‘why’ and to some extent, the ‘what’. Creation of a coherent vision and strategy for the team, when done well, can help align people behind value delivery.
  • Culture Driving - a team culture is the worst behaviours it sees propagate. As a manager, it is your job to ensure that you define, communicate and model the behaviours you wish to be aligned to your culture. It is also your role to ensure that everyone feels safe to call out those values and behaviours that do not align to the culture.
  • Goal Setting - be it objectives and key results, a north star, roadmaps, or just a simple discussion, helping align the team behind a set of goals that align to business need is now a key part of your role.